top of page Västerkyrkan in Lund; a place for people to meet with one another and with God. 

One of our meetings is the church service on Sundays with a parallel sunday-school for both, younger and older kids. 

After every service we gather together at the Church-Cafe which opens the possibility for conversations and to get to know one another the first time or even more.  


Västerkyrkan – livets kyrka!

The Christian Church is spread all over the world and today has more than 2 billion followers. Västerkyrkan is part of this great perspective as a congregation. Together with the other churches in Lund, we want to take responsibility for a Christian presence and a Christian testimony among people who live and work in our municipality.

The sunday church service is the central meeting place in our church and is of course open to everyone, whether you are a member or not. Our worship and devotion tend to be personal in their appeal and have an inviting atmosphere. Here are questions about life and the Christian faith. We sing hymns and praises, participate in prayer, singing, music and communion. We want to be the church of the whole life. Therefore, the ministry concerns all life. We celebrate worship every Sunday and at various festivals such as child worship, baptism, confirmation, wedding and funeral. The diversity reflects in the kingdom of God as a boundless community. The service is a meeting with God and also a meeting of people gathered around Jesus Christ. Here, the rhythm of life is reflected in thanksgiving and in prayer from the beginning of life through choice, in joy and sorrow, to the end. 

Church Service - Every Sunday - at 11:00.

Further Church activities can be seen in the calendar.

For any questions don't hesitate to contact us via the contact formula below. 



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