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Västerkyrkan (the Westside Church) has served generations in Lund as a fellowship within Equmeniakyrkan, the Uniting Church of Sweden – a free church denomination that grew out of spiritual revival in the mid-19th century. Nestled on the near-west side of Lund, Västerkyrkan’s current church building and adjacent resident student housing (Micklagård) have been home to this active congregation since 1964.


Establishing an English-speaking fellowship has long been a dream among  visionary members of the Västerkyrkan congregation. They recognized the international nature of Lund and profound need for more places of Christian connection among English-speaking expatriates, both students and long-term residents. 


With the arrival of Pastor Eric and Bonnie Sparrman, LIFE International started meeting in the fall of 2023 (we’re really new!), with the offering of a weekday evening Alpha Course. The response was overwhelming with over 30 people participating during that season. In late 2023, monthly Sunday afternoon worship services were added, with the intention of increasing worship frequency in the fall of 2024.


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